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"Art For The Underdog"
Art show bringing awareness and action to end world poverty.
August 1-31, 2023
Portland artists come together with Mel's Frame Shop & Gallery to raise awareness and money to help The Borgen Project . Great artists you love at a great price.  MFS will donate 100% of commission funds to The Borgen Project. Buy art in show or go to and donate directly. This is a special show to show support to Max, Mel's son that is a college intern for The Borgen Project. Let's encourage our young people that change starts in our community.  Together we can make a difference. 

"Prints in Bloom"
Prints Art Northwest PAN
June 1 - July 29, 2023
Print Arts Northwest, a consortium of artist members, presents Prints in Bloom, an exhibit showcasing printmaking in all its wonderful complexity. Come experience the dynamic variety of printmaking techniques from etching to serigraphy to monoprint. Featured artists; Sue Allen, Marcy Baker, Melissa Belli, Isabel Deaver, Tallmadge Doyle, Heather Halpern, Jessica Hartman, Yuji Hiratsuka, Jani Hoberg, Diane Jacobs, David Kessler, Katherine McDowell, Gail OwenJane Pagliarulo, Kristie Potwora, Pearlyn Tan, Mickey Weaver

“Still Magic” Monotypes 
Chris Harmon

April 4 - May 31, 2023
Chris Harmon is an artist, educator, and proud parent, living and working in Portland, OR.  His role as Art Handler at the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation provides a limitless well of inspiration for his printmaking practice.  The monotypes in this exhibition represent work done at Atelier Meridian, and a group artist retreat to Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts in 2022.  Harmon teaches an evening block-printing class at Multnomah Arts Center, that he has developed over the last nine years.  His interest in printmaking was strengthened during a lithography apprenticeship with Mahaffey Fine Art, as well as a study abroad at Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy.  Chris received his Bachelor of Arts in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from Portland State University in 2008.
Here Harmon plays with varied forms of mark making developed through incorporating different printmaking processes. Each image is full of expression and detail that pulls you into a magical space. 
“Found & Flourishing” 
Three Women Exhibit

 Theresa Weil - Mixed Media Assemblages
 Anneli Anderson - Acrylic Intimate Landscapes
Noriko Sugita - Reduction Woodcuts
Feb 1 - March 31, 2023

Be dazzled by the color texture and surfaces of all three of these talented local women artists.  Fall into the precious acrylic paintings of Anneli's backyard garden. The line and detail of the landscape pull your eye into a special space.  
Be playful with Theresa's assemblages, the playful color, and design of the material makes you happy in your soul. The energy of her work ignites your senses of seeing and touching.
Be in awe over the incredibly sophisticated detail of Noriko's complicated reduction woodcuts. Each carved line and shape has a personality of its own. 
All three of these artists play with color, detail, layers, and mark-making creating a cohesive exhibit that is sure to inspire.
“Stretch It Out” 
 Uniquely shaped art for the holidays. 
Nov 5 – Jan 28

A holiday group show of elongated shapes and sizes. Each artist was challenged to create a work that was either tall and skinny or long and thin.  Stop by during the holiday times to check a wide range of mediums, styles, and subject matter. Over 30 local artists;

Karrie Amiton, Roberta Aylward, Sidonie Caron, Paula Carlson, Coltyn Cody, Isabel Deaver, Susan Dimitman, Dianne Jean Erickson, Nancy Fasciani, Jennifer Foran, Robin Friedman, Geri Graley, Kayna H, Beth Kerschen, Nancy Smith Klos, Kenneth Klos, Kristin Kohl, Ikie Nolan Kressel, Jeanne Levasseur, Eva MacLowry, Rory O'Neal, Mary Pacios, Emily Pratt, Peggy Pfenninger, Richard Rolfe, Susan Schenk, Gail Simmons, Mary Tansil, Mel Townsend, Gail Vines, Eliza Williams, Theresa Weil, Jennifer Wohl, Kimi Yamashita.

Mel Townsend
Expressionist Bridges & Figures
October 1 - November 4

Stop by the month of October for a look at Mel's bold colorful bridges and urban scenes. Works are oil & acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper. All of the bridges represented are full of line work, color and perspective. She has explored the urban scene with her continued love of the figure. Mel's work is inspired by the expressionist movement, with each stroke and color, the emotion of the subject is intensified.

Abstract Expressionist work by Eliza Williams & Gina Pennock
March 25 - May 28, 2022


Within the touch of a single hand is the force of life itself. One hand might hold the essence of
another’s life. May we reach out and hold it in love.

Hold My Hand is a collection of works by Eliza Williams that reflect the color, light, and playfulness that can arise
out of the depths. Afterlife crisis and mental and physical illness, creating this work have been inspiring
and renewing.

Poetic expressions of sound. Gina plays with the poetry of music with each of her watercolor expressions.
"Bass coming in heavy onto tinkering pizzicato wafts and the sheet music fell. It was foggy out" 

Small Works Big Show
October 5 - December 31, 2021

A collection of over 160 small works by local artists.

Karrie Amiton, Anita Kaplan, Yvonne Branchflower, Susan Schenk, Isabel Deaver, Gail Vines, Ken Klos, Richard Rolfe, Beth Kerschen, Liz Dexter, Jeanne Levasseur, Nancy Fasciani, Mel Townsend, Gail Simmons, Paula Carlson, Sidonie Caron, Kathy Johnson, Shobha Jetmalani, Trifon Makkov, Elena Markova, Evelyn Fritz, Karen Van Hoy, Aesch Lengstorf, Eileen Kressel, Eva MacLowry, Val Hubbard, Kent Kirkpatrick, Franki Kohler, Joy Elaine, Jessica Hartman, Donna Sires, Nancy Klos, Joan Kirsch, Janet Grissett, Mary Tansill, Jan Hardenburger.
Eva MacLowry
A Retrospect of her work. 
August 3 - September 30, 2021

A show about texture and layering in abstract themes that are inspired by the landscape, memories, dreams, travel, and personal feelings and her inner world.

shobha jetmalani ew4a8959.jpg
March 3 - April 30, 2020
Artist's Reception and artist's talk postponed 
Closing reception to be announced.

Shobha's current work was funded by an artist grant from RACC. In this body of work Shobha explores layers of our everyday lives. The layers we live and pass thru everyday. Our professional lives, our spiritual lives, our traditions and emotions are fueled by these layers. Each painting

moves through these layers in paint, collage, and fabric.  Shobha's bold use of color and design create images that weave you through her art. Her emotions and uncertainties are seen through each layer she creates. 

"Within these layers are our true selves, at times hidden and at times carefully revealed", Shobha says.

PDX 20/20
Jan 1 - Feb 29 
Friday January 10th, 6-8pm


This new year come check out work from Photo Club PDX. Founded in Portland in 2017, the group strives to create a community of digital and film photographers who support each other in their craft and inspire creativity face to face.

6 Women 6 Styles - Holiday 2019 Show
Nov 1 - Dec 28
Reception Friday Nov 15th, 6-8pm


This show features 6 female artists with very different and distinctive styles. Mel Townsend's stunning Portland bridges with bold lines and color. Noriko Sugita's whimsical detailed Japanese reduction woodcut prints. Annie Meyer's vast minimalist monotype landscapes. Jeanne Levasseur's magical dramatic skies and intimate landscapes in oil. Paula Carlson's fresh colorful watercolors of the Northwest. Gail Simmons festive watercolor collages featuring the Christmas tree and Menorah. Each artist has a wide selection of sizes and prices perfect for holiday gift giving. Gail also creates a large selection of handmade holiday cards.

Group Print Show
Sept 1 - Oct 31
Reception Friday Sept 6th, 6-8pm

Join us for Artist Reception this Friday Sept. 6, from 6-8 pm.


Atelier Meridian print studio showcases work by master printer Jane Pagliarulo and a selected group of her students.


In this show we are hosting a huge range of Printmaking techniques from Linocut, Woodblock, Monoprint, Collagraph, Etchings and Lithograph.All works are featuring professional local artists Chris Darr, James DeBoer, Jessica Hartman, Diane Jacobs, Marcia JeanBlanc, Christian Johnson, Kent Kirkpatrick, Lauren Lerwick, Jane Pagliarulo, John Stephenson, Robert Surette and Janis Wells.Show runs through October.

July 2 - Aug 30
Reception July 12th, 6-8pm

For the next two months, we'll be featuring the stunning abstract works of Portland artist, Roberta Aylward. Her creative process is led by 'curiosity and rooted in experimentation." She has many styles, and all of them exist to show her evolution of process and reflect a desire to "document emotion, sensation and memory."

In the exhibit "Connections" she is celebrating the threads that connect all of the diverse work that she has created within the last four years. 

Check out her work on her website here.

Innis Archive Vintage Ad Posters
May 1 - June 29

For the next two months, we'll be showcasing a rare collection of original vintage posters from Dan McInnis of the Innis Archive. This show features a variety of time periods, style, and artists. All original posters are backed with linen and conserved to their glory by the Innis Archive. Come walk through history in full color and design. Over 50 unique ad posters dating back to the early 1900's. All works are original.

Waves, Pebbles and Driftwood
Jan 8​ - Feb 28

From January 9th to February 28th, we'll be featuring three local artists, Kelly Howard, Kirk Jonasson and Rick Martin.

This show distills the beauty of the Oregon Coast into meticulously crafted glass work by Kelly, striking black and white film photography by Kirk and gentle curved wood shelves by Rick.

Each artist's work echo the ebb and flow of the ocean. Kelly's glass river stone vases play with a balance matte and glossy, heaviness and soft curves. While her textural, multicolored driftwood glass pieces imitate reality and create a sense dynamic structure. Her work values the interplay of texture, color and form, and it's evident in the different types of sculptures she creates.

Kirk's black and white Gelatin Silver Prints show us the journey to the Oregon Coast, and the small landscapes in and around the water. His preference for shooting film lies in both aesthetic reasons and the discipline he finds in learning to see "in the moment." His work captures the gorgeous natural bounty of Oregon.

Rick's unique shelves exhibit an exquisite sense of movement and brings a softness to the usual hardness that wood has. He's constantly on the search for the perfect curve! He draws his inspiration from the beautiful curving lines of wood on boats. And his strong structures carry that.

Holiday Road Trip Group Art Show
Nov. 3 - Dec. 31

Make sure to stop by the month of November and December to escape to all the wonderful places near and far.  This holiday group art show represents over 20 local artists.  Oil paintings, watercolors, photography, mixed media and collage are all represented.  


Give the gift of art for the holidays! 

Featured Artists:

Betsy Bustamonte, Paula Carlson, Sidonie Caron, Manuel Cobarrubias, Jaxun Doten, Poppy Dully, Shobha Jetmalani, Kirk Jonasson, Nancy Klos, Eileen Kressel, LaValle Linn, Paul Lockhart,  Eva MacLowry, Christopher Mooney, Arletha Ryan, Marti Rhea, Janet Rothermel, Sofie Ruse, Gail Simmons, Mel Townsend, Gail Vines, Heather Wells

Figure It Out!
Sept 1​ - Oct 31

Three artists with three entirely different work. The thread that ties them all together: figures!


This month we're showing off shop owner Mel Townsend's expressive oil and acrylic painting, featuring energetic rich color, sharp lines and striking figures. Assistant framer Jaxun Doten who's beautiful and meticulously rendered ink works on paper will leave you stunned. And in house designer Ona Pitschka's digital illustrations featuring bold colors and medieval inspired figures. Come in and check us out!

Photo Jul 03, 3 51 54 PM.jpg
A Show that Transcends the Soul
July 3rd - August 31st

Come in and experience what daydreams are made of.  Let the whimsical characters in James Wood Wilson's etchings and monotypes entertain and delight you. Then get carried away on the dramatic clouds that set the stage for Jeanne Levasseur's landscapes. Feel the vastness of space and drift away.
Original Vintage Posters
May 1​ - June 30

For this bi-monthly show, we're featuring Dan McInnis and Innis Archive's original vintage posters for sale from their exceptional collection. The posters for sale feature a huge variety of themes and styles. 

Dan has covered the entire gallery in these posters and it's an astounding sight to behold. Come check it out!

Expressionism is Alive
March 1st - April 28th

Be energized by the bold colors and brush work of Margie Lee's acrylic paintings of the figure and still lifes. The emotions of her subjects are captured through their intense gestures and the compositions.  Go bold with Mary Pacios strong linear linocuts of the figure.  Feel the gesture with every bold line. Her large scale work and bold black ink are powerful.
Sketch '18
Jan 2 - Feb 28

See your favorite local artists in the raw! We've had artists rummage through their sketch books and pull out some of the beautiful work that's normally left behind the scenes. We love the active mark making and exploritory features of these pieces; some studies, some left unfinished. All pieces are unframed and priced at $50!

All That Glitters

November 1st - December 31st

This winter, we're showing off all our favorite local artists in a gorgeous gold, glowing and glittery group show!
Kelly Neidig & Karl Kaiser
September 1st - October 18th

From September 2nd to October 28th, experience the stunning abstract works of local artists Kelly Neidig and Karl Kaiser.Both artists are presenting new small and large scale works, with beautifully executed abstract linework with stunningly vivid color.


Kelly paints her small scale pieces with flashe, a vinyl based acrylic with a high pigmentation and a velvety matte finish. Her work echoes childhood memories of visiting her grandparents in rural SW Pennsylvania. The gentle linear layers are carefully built up to reflect a mood of a place, anyone can see.


Karl's pieces were originally painted for The Recycled Rain Project, an art show in the PNW creating original art using rainwater to raise awareness of water issues. He uses rain water and acrylic paint on plywood to create hyper saturated linear pieces. His work is an exploration of horizon created with bold blues and lush oranges and reds.

Seeing Music 

July 5th - August 30th

This show is all about artists using their medium to interpret the feel of music.  Local artists show their love of music through beautiful illustrations of musicians to capturing the beat and rhythm in bold colorful mark making. Abstract art lovers will be dazzled by imaginative perspectives that guide you through the feelings of music. All work is original and well priced, add a piece or two to your local art collection today. 


Featuring Artists; Sidonie Caron, Cecy Colichon, Isabel Deaver, Jaxun Doten, Elisabeth Horan, Ursula Kiesow, Marjorie Kischer, Nancy Klos, Carly Larsson, Jeanne Levasseur, LaValle Linn, Bonnie Merchant, David Rosenberg, Patricia Schmidt, Noriko Sugita, Mel Townsend

Mel Townsend & Annie Meyer
May 12th - June 30th

Local artist and shop owner Mel Townsend and artist Annie Meyer have been hard at work creating a series of entirely new large scale pieces to hang in our shop gallery for the month of May and June. 

This collaboration is brimming with color and dramatic use of space and form. Between Mel's striking and sketchy bridges and Annie's long lonely saturated landscapes, it's constant eye candy. 

Shape and Line 

March 1st - April 29th, 2017

In this show, we challenged artists to find their graphic side. We wanted to go back to the basics, and put a call out for expressive lines, abstraction of forms and enthusiastic design sense. It was incredible to see the kind of work we received. Each piece in this show is loaded with movement, saturated lines and striking forms. We encourage you to lose yourself in each mesmerizing and energetic piece and to find the shapes and lines that tie them all together. 

Artists featured: LaValle Linn, Gena Keith, Shannon Carlson, Jaxun Doten, Mitch Freifeld, Margie Lee, Gail Vines, Sidonie Caron, Eileen S. Kane, Gail Simmons, Linda Olson-Osterund, and Steven Tannenbaum.  

Torn Pages: A Sketch Show  

January 17th - February 25th, 2017

It's a new year for new beginnings, new challenges and new sketchbooks. For this show we asked artists to rip out their favorite sketches from old sketchbooks to show the messy mark-making behind their polished work. Experience local art more deeply by exploring the artist's process, and see pieces that are normally lost in loaded portfolios. No piece in the show exceeds 50 dollars, so it's easy to support your favorite local artists or to start your art collection. 

Artists featured: Steve Tannenbaum, Gail Vines, Giuseppe Lipari, Mary McClain, Claudia Nix, Christine Schulbach, Steve Koch, Bob Grover, Allison Kastner, Paula Carlson, Carly Larson, Jason Stewart, Chas Martin, Nancy Klos, Ken Klos, James Wilson, Connie Frank, Christopher B. Mooney, Jane Terzis, Ona Pitschka, Jonquil LeMaster, Sidonie Caron, John Fisher, Quin Sweetman, Susan Jane Russell and Mel Townsend.

Deck the Walls  

November 1st - January 15th, 2016

Deck the walls with local art! Come see an eclectic show featuring landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, bridges, figurative works; with smaller pieces perfect for gifting, at prices that won't break the bank this holiday season. 

Artists featured: YuHsin Wu, Beth Kerschen, Liz McDonald, Kathy Doty, Sidonie Caron, Nancy Klos, Rose Clementi, Michael Kelley, Eva MacLowry, Betsy Bustamonte, Jean Thomas, Kirk Jonasson, Joan Murphy Cremer, Leslie Wood Kamman, Gail Vines, and Manuel Cobarrubias.  

Art Speaks Out  

September 1st - October 31st, 2016

During this show, we opened up a healthy dialogue about uncomfortable subjects. Through this show, artists were free to discuss politics they're passionate about and to spread awareness about a wide variety of topics from environmental to presidential. We were excited to have artists interested in using their art to spread a message. 

Artists featured: PM Shore, Jeff Trionfante, Gail Simmons, Dami Paternoster, Christine Colasurdo, Eileen "Ikie" Nolan Kressel, Isabel Deaver, Denise Graham, Jason Lucey, Rose Clementi, Alan Rose, Phyllis Meyer, Erika Rier, Gina Williams, Nancy Klos, Margie Lee, Elizabeth McDonald, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Beth Kerschen, Bob Grover, Sidone Caron, Sam Marroquin, and Mel Townsend.

Hood To Coast

July 1 - August 31, 2016


Local artists show off the wonders of Oregon. Come in and see the artist's path from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast. Featuring acrylics, watercolors, etchings, oil paintings, photography, pastels and many more selections in the bins. Interesting and affordable original art and giclee prints. 

Artists represented: Jean Thomas, Jeni Lee, Lynn Lustberg, Kay Danley, Beth Kerschen, Michael Musto, Jennifer McKenzie, Paula Carlson, Ursula Kiesow, Bill Anderson, Nancy Klos, LaValle Lynn, Mel Townsend.

Art Squared  

May 3 - June 30, 2016


A colorful eceltic group of work that is inspired by geometry; circles, sqaures & angles. Come see work by local artists; Karri Allrich, Sidonie Caron, Jaxun Doten, Mitchell Freifeld, LaValle Linn, Gail Simmons, Mel Townsend, Frances Wood, YuHsin Wu & Mark Zimmerman.

Urban Decay

March 1 - April 30, 2016


This show features local artists displaying their interpretations of the undercurrent of society. Each piece explores the layers of society through textures, colors and overlapping images. Be sure to stop in and experience this provocative show that was inspired by the space around us. 


Featuring Artists: Jesse Narens, Friderike Heuer, Jaxun Doten, Noah Greene, Inez Fahnbulleh and Mel Townsend

In The Details  

January 12 - February 29, 2016


This show features local artist's precision craftsmanship done in a variety of styles. Jason Stewart explores vivid and bizarre imagery through detailed graphite and charcoal illustrations.


Featuring: Jason Stewart, Chrissie Hart, YuHsin Wu, Apple, Laura Nothern, Mel Townsend a Jaxun Doten.

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