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Art Consultation

Expert Artistic Designing

Being both an artist and a framer, Mel brings a fresh perspective to designing and creating. At Mel's, we believe that framing should be an extension of the artwork, and we have the technical and artistic know-how to make it happen. With a combination of mats, bevels, foam lifts, shadow boxes, and filets, painted bevels, mounting techniques and stacking frames, we have everything you need to make your art sing.    

Commercial and Residential Art Consulting  

Mel is an expert in helping find the right art and framing to fit your space at a price that works in your budget. Her access to artists, photographers, and exceptional printers make this a one stop shop. No job is too big or too small for her to take on. In Washington DC, her corporate clients ranged from Dean Witter to America's Most Wanted, and the Recording Industry of America. Mel is exceptional at individualized art layout and design. Let Mel bring your art collection to life.

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