Current Show

“Stretch It Out” 
Uniquely shaped art for the holidays. 
Nov 5 – Jan 28
Celebrate the holidays with the artists on December 3rd, Saturday, 6-8 pm

A holiday group show of elongated shapes and sizes. Each artist was challenged to create a work that was either tall and skinny or long and thin.  Stop by during the holiday times to check a wide range of mediums, styles, and subject matter. Over 30 local artists;

Karrie Amiton, Roberta Aylward, Sidonie Caron, Paula Carlson, Coltyn Cody, Isabel Deaver, Susan Dimitman, Dianne Jean Erickson, Nancy Fasciani, Jennifer Foran, Robin Friedman, Geri Graley, Kayna H, Beth Kerschen, Nancy Smith Klos, Kenneth Klos, Kristin Kohl, Ikie Nolan Kressel, Jeanne Levasseur, Eva MacLowry, Rory O'Neal, Mary Pacios, Emily Pratt, Peggy Pfenninger, Richard Rolfe, Susan Schenk, Gail Simmons, Mary Tansil, Mel Townsend, Gail Vines, Eliza Williams, Theresa Weil, Jennifer Wohl, Kimi Yamashita.